Our World

V I T A   G R A C E
Meaning ”Life of Elegance”
VITA | a girl's name of Latin origin, meaning “life”
GRACE | translates to elegance & beauty 
Welcome to our beautiful store where you will find our curated collections.
We create coveted designs where style is synonymous with comfort. Our aim is to inspire women with elegant and effortless clothing.
Vita Grace is unique, just like you. 
The Design
Vita Grace products are designed by our team of skilled creatives, we have lived, loved and breathed fashion for a long time between us.
Our designs are created with a modern aesthetic combined with timeless detailing and elegant silhouettes.
Our designs are produced globally with the location depending on the origin of raw materials and specialist expertise. We have long standing relationships with our chosen ateliers and carefully oversee all working conditions.
As a brand, we are proud to say our garments are both ethically made and cruelty free. Produced in professional environments where our workers are fairly paid with good working practices and conditions.
Clean practices. Clean environment.
Our approach to manufacturing is lower volumes with frequent newness. Our business model allows for a progression into a more sustainable future in fashion.
Global Shipping
Vita Grace garments are shipped worldwide from our own distribution hub where our in house team carefully pack each individual order. Our warehouse team are highly trained and passionate to deliver the best shopping experience. 

In our efforts to improve the carbon footprint of our company we have close proximity between our manufacturing and distribution. With our brand distribution hub based in Dubai we are able to operate using a centralized global location, drastically reducing harmful omissions. By adopting existing & primary shipping routes we can further reduce transport emissions. Additionally our facilities in Dubai are able to be powered by solar energy.

At VG we are committed to making decisions which enable our evolvement into a sustainable fashion brand.

Our company is our brand.